Chicano Poet

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Huevones Rancheros

with apologies to Anthony The Poet

El ocho patas
was bad to the bone

era muy

always told
the people

only huevones
eat huevos rancheros

his ancestors
ate flies

huevos de mosca
to be more correct

let cowboys
choke on huevos rancheros

his ancestors
ate chapulines

huevos rancheros
ain't got nothing on them

have you ever see huevos rancheros
jump off a plate

el ocho patas
was bad to the bone

he'd rather yank out
four of his patas

then eat huevos rancheros
con gueros

or sit down with raza
now that would be peor

I told you and told you
el ocho patas was bad to the bone

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Look Ma No Hands

El ocho patas
ate with his feet

since he had
no hands

go ahead
laugh if you want

make fun
of him

his ocho patas
all muddied with food

refried beans
if you must know

you ask
why don't you eat flies

like a good
little spider

but el ocho patas
thinks he's human

so much
unlike you

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

La Mosca

El ocho patas
ate a mosca

the juices
clung to his whiskers

he spit out
the convex eyes

el ocho patas
could see through

the crunchy

he let the mosca's feet
fall to the floor

the gringa of the house
never had a clue

she vacuumed
them up

but her shaggy white carpet
only fooled Americans

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Rescue

El ocho patas
pulls La Llorona

from the San Antonio River
by her broken silver wings

her underwear
is muddy

her mouth
full of floodwaters

her hair
holds trembling sticks

tall buildings
leap in the sky

the Alamo
tells stormy lies

el ocho patas
drags La Llorona

onto the banks
of the pointless river

and as she
dries off

her breasts
harden on her chest

and she will not
thank him

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Musical Fruit

When el ocho patas
split the atom

the bean
came falling out

the caldo
was quite hot

there were
no silly

or strange quarks
like scientists

will lead you
to believe

only beans
make up the atom

let no one
tell you otherwise

Monday, November 03, 2014

Sands Of The Moon

Women always tried to re-write
el ocho patas

but he was
already written

on the sands
of the moon

and only until
women venture there

is there any chance
of that happening

but in the morning
the rude awakening

his wife
yells at him

and don't forget
to take out the trash

and mow the lawn
on earth!

Friday, October 31, 2014

His Patas Had Both Sides

"Both sides are all the same glows his grin with all but shame."
       Berryman the Bridge-Jumper

El ocho patas
struggled long and hard with his malady

his feet pushed away
and grasped to wards

his contradiction in terms
was one and the same

the flies of God flew high
as they flew low

banging their heads
against angry angels

and dragging their feet
through the devil's poo

el ocho patas
fought long and hard

yet always succumbed
dumb scum that he was

but look on the bright side he said
there's always the threat of sun